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MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer (Universal) (Price includes USPS Priority Mail & Insurance)

Designed specifically to fit most rifles with or without threaded barrels.

Can be used to HIDE some of the barrel or EXTENT the barrel length.


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Fake Silencers are also known as: Dummy Can, Faux Suppressor, Mock Silencer, Barrel Shroud & Non Functional Sound Suppressor.

These are designed for LIVE FIRING.

We test all our Fake Silencers on .308 (NATO 7.62 X 51) caliber a bolt action sniper rifle (SAKO TRG 22) for accuracy / to see if there is any projectile impact deflection (less than 0.25" at 200 meters) and finally on M4 / M16 and or PKM machine-guns (500+ sustained rounds) to test stability under extreme firing, vibration and heat (no problems).

This Version of the MFI SOCOM Fake Silencer is Marked / Laser Engraved with the US. Government Property markings similar to those found on the real silencer.

MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer U.S. Gov. Logo / Laser Engraving

The MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer does NOT reduce muzzle noise or muzzle flash in any way. So these are 100% legal for the regular civilian to own in all 50 US States.

This product is "UNIVERSAL" meaning that it can be used on almost any weapon with a threaded barrel and even some weapons without threads (Requires at least 4.5" of exposed barrel with the barrel O.D. being less than 0.750").

The MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer can be used to do either:

  • HIDE YOUR BARREL: Hide / Cover some or all of the barrel.
  • EXTEND YOUR BARREL: Extend Barrel Length to legal 16".

MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer with weld on extension for 10.5 inch AR15 Upper

The above photo shows an AR15 with a 10.5" barreled upper (not legal).

  1. Is the SOCOM Outer Body of the fake silencer which will slide over "B" the full length SOCOM (7.650") adapter.
  2. Is the SOCOM full length (7.650") adapter which will screw on to the AR-15 upper and be permanently attached to give you a 16" legal barrel length.

MFI SOCOM Fake Silencer on AR-15 / M16 / M4A1 with 16 barrel

The above photo shows a M4A1 / AR 15 with the SOCOM Barrel Shroud / Fake Silencer. This is a fade showing the SOCOM Outer Body slid over the existing barrel. You will see that without the adapter the fake silencer will NOT stay on.

MFI has produced a legal version of the SOCOM Knights Armament Silencer (to meet current BATF specifications for a Fake Silencer / Non-Functional / Cosmetic Only ) here in the USA. MFI has been a Class II BAFT 07 Manufacturer + SOT & a DOD / Military Contractor so we have access to the real thing here to take measurements off of to assure as close a match as possible. The only area where we deviate from the original in the lettering is changed slightly so as not to violate Knights Armament Intellectual Property Rights. Everything else is almost identical to the real thing.

No FFL needed, No Special License, No Permit Required & No Special Tax Stamp needed to order.

AR10 / AR-10 Applications: Remember that most AR10 barrels have an Outer Diameter OVER 0.750" (the I.D. of the SOCOM Universal and M4 Universal), therefore you generally CANNOT hide any of an AR10 barrel unless the O.D. is @ or under 0.750". Be sure to measure as the adapters for AR10s are custom and not returnable.

One Adapter is included in the price of the Fake Silencer.

Click on the "Adapters" tab above for adapter choices.

This UNIVERSALITY is NOT Rocket Science. Everyone wants to make it more complex than it really is.

Basically the MFI M4 and SOCOM Universal Fake Silencers consist of 3 parts:

  • The Outer Body
  • The Adapter
  • Set Screws


The Outer Body is comprised of a thin outer skin that is permanently attached to an inner steel core / tube. This tube has a hole (0.750" I.D.) that runs from end to end. This diameter is a little larger than what is found on most .223 / (5.56) or 9mm caliber AR 15 barrels, which are normally @ 0.725" O.D. We originally designed these specifically for the AR-15 platform.

So the only LIMITING factor is Outer Diameter of your barrel. If your barrel's O.D is over 0.750" and you want to have the SOCOM Fake Silencer hide / slip over your barrel it can NOT be done.

If you want to EXTEND your barrel length there is NO LIMITATION at all.

What length of adapter you choose to use or whether you use an adapter at all depends on the final look that you want to achieve.


How this works is that no matter what your application is; you will receive the same outer body as you see in the above photos. All outer bodies have a 0.750" inch hole bored out from front to back.

In this hole slides your barrel and or the adapter which has a slightly less than 0.750" inch outer diameter. The inner diameter at the end nearest the front site will have a thread in it to accommodate your specific weapon (if you have a threaded barrel).

The inner diameter of the EXIT end for all adapters is 1/2 inch. So this 1/2" exit hole basically necks down the larger 3/4 inch diameter of the OUTER BODY down to a more believable exit hole for a silencer. The 0.50" hole also accommodates any caliber up to .45 ACP for safe and effective firing.

Both the outer body and adapter are finished in the same way to match 100% which give you a very clean finished look.

All outer bodies of the SOCOM have a total of 9 set screws in them that are arranged in a 3 separate cross / triangle patterns. This pattern allows you to perfectly center your barrel (important only on smaller diameter barrels like 1/2 or so). These set screws (depending on the application / adapter used) will make contact with either the adapter only (ON THREADED BARREL APPLICATIONS ONLY, if you want to screw on and off the fake silencer like a real one) or they with make contact the barrel and adapter (like on a POST-BAN assault weapon or smooth barrel of a bolt action sniper rifle.)

A 5/64 allen key is required for installation.

Set screw locations are indicated by "X" in the photo above.


In accordance with the Joe Biden & Beto O’Rourke directive I personally as well my company no longer own(s) or possess any firearms or ammunition. This includes but is not limited to: Handguns, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, NFA items, Hog Legs, Fire Sticks, Smoke Poles and or Thunder Clubs.

All firearms that appear on our web site, regardless of what is written about them, are not owned by the company nor possessed by anyone associated with MFI and may even be CGI / PhotoShop.

Therefore regardless of any new firearms laws / taxes, no probable cause can EVER be assumed on any property (stationary or mobile) owed by myself or MFI.

AGAIN: We are 100% in compliance with any possible new “Biden / O’Rourke Public Safety Act” and therefore NO PROBABLE CAUSE could ever be assumed.

Lastly anyone arriving with a warrant of any kind will be assumed to be an IMPOSTER with intent on murdering us and will be treated as such without warning.

Those invading our territory may receive serious and even fatal wounds from rusty blades, clubs with bent nails, spear tips, arrows and or crossbow bolts.


Materials of construction:

The Outer Body is entirely made out of Aircraft Grade Aluminum. To keep these as LIGHT WEIGHT as possible we use similar methods of construction as the real silencers. The Outer Tubes are made from stamped plate 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum to allow the extreme radius on the end of the tube to be formed.

The Inner Sleeve with the knurled part inside it extends from end to end thus complying with BATF in regards to NO ACCESS to the inner cavity / air gap. The Inner Sleeve is CNC machined from billet 7170 T-6 aircraft aluminum to assure lightweight and durability.

The inner sleeve and outer tube are PERMANENTLY ATTACHED together also to comply with BATF regulations. Any tampering with this item to separate the two parts will result in the tearing / destruction of the outer tube. We deliberately use very thing aluminum for the tubes so that they basically self destruct if tampered with. We deliberately did NOT use steel for the inner sleeve to keep the weight in check as well as the fact that the bullet when fired never travels through any part of the outer body so NO added durability was needed.

  • Patented Design.
  • 100% Made in the USA!
  • Designed for LIVE FIRE.
  • The main body is made of 6061-T6 AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM.
  • Precision CNC machined from billet & sheet.
  • Lettering is INDEXABLE / ADJUSTABLE in position.
  • Fits most weapons known to man (see list below).
  • Maximum Outer Diameter: = 35.0mm or 1.380 inches.
  • Maximum Inner Diameter: = 19.0mm or 0.751 inches.
  • Maximum Length: = 193.7mm or 7 - 5/8 inches.
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces! (No Adapter)
  • Mil. Spec. Acid Etched (anti-glare)
  • Mil. Spec. Anodized to give the unit a semi flat finish.
  • Professionally Laser Engraved. Please note that this item is NOT endorsed in anyway by the U.S. Gov. nor was it ever actual property of the U.S. Government.

The MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer does NOT reduce muzzle noise or muzzle flash in any way. So these are 100% legal for the regular civilian to own in all 50 US States.

The UNIVERSAL SOCOM Fake Silencer / Barrel Shroud fits the following weapons WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATION.

  • M16A2 + All Variants
  • M4A1 + All Variants
  • AR-15 / CAR AR15 + All Variants (Post or Pre)
  • AK47 / AK-74 + All Variants (with threaded barrels)
  • Bushmaster ACR
  • PTR-91 & CITME
  • HK 91 + All Variants of HK G3
  • HK 33 + All Variants
  • FN FAL
  • FNC
  • FN P90
  • Beretta CX4 Storm
  • Steyr AUG + All Variants
  • SIG 556 Rifle & Pistol + All Variants
  • SIG 522 Rifle & Pistol + All Variants
  • Colt Umarex AR15 .22 LR / M4 Rifle & Pistol + All Variants
  • S&W / Smith & Wesson AR 15 .223 & .22 LR Rifle & Pistol + All Variants
  • IMI Galil ARM + All Variants
  • Any pistol with a threaded barrel. (see note below)
  • Note: Due to the weight of the SOCOM Universal & Adapter combined we do not recommend these for hand guns. Adding more than 7 ounces of weight to most hand gun barrels may not allow the gun to cycle completely. You should instead use the SOCOM MK23 style as these are 1/3 the weight of the M4 or SOCOM Universal.


1 - (One) FREE Adapter is included with this product.

Additional adapters can be purchased separately.

If you do NOT need an adapter you get a discount (Click on the "Adapters" option above) the discount is at the top of the list. Very few weapons will work without an adapter. The only example I can think of is a Post-Ban (1994 to 2004) AR-15 with a Bull Barrel (0.725" O.D.) that sticks out past the gas block at least 4.50" and does NOT have a threaded barrel.

The M4 & SOCOM Universal Fake Silencers both have a 0.750" hole that runs from end to end. They both use the same adapters. These adapters have an outer diameter of 0.745" and fit inside the outer bodies of the M4 & SOCOM Fake Silencers.

It is the adapter that makes the jump between the outer body of the Fake Silencer and the barrel of the weapon.

Adapters allow the correct spacing & thread to attach the Fake Silencer to your weapon.

The SOCOM Fake Silencer Outer Bodies have 92 holes for set screws (3 sets of 3 screws in a triangle pattern) that will make contact with either the adapter and or the barrel of your weapon. The Adapters have grooves cut around them where the set screws will make contact. The grooves in the adapter correspond with the placement of the set screws in the outer body. The grooves supply a channel that the set screws sit in for greater stability / less possible chance for slippage.

Because the Outer Body of the Fake Silencer is held in place on the adapter by set screws, you can therefore adjust / index the laser engraving on the outer body 360 degrees for perfect alignment.

Set screw locations are indicated by "X" in the photo above.

You will want to confirm the thread pattern on your weapon before ordering.



If you are NOT hiding any of the barrel and are just extending your existing barrel length you will want to a FULL LENGTH Adapter. Full Length Adapters are adapters that are the same length of the corresponding outer bodies of the fake silencers.

  • M4 Universal Fake Silencer has an OAL of 6.330", so a FULL LENGTH adapter for the M4 would be 6.330" long.
  • SOCOM Universal Fake Silencer has an OAL of 7.650" , so a FULL LENGTH adapter for the SOCOM would be 6.330" long.

Full length adapters are most commonly used on AR-15 Uppers that have 10.5" or 11" barrels; to make a legal 16" over all barrel length. Our adapters are made of weapons grade steel so they are easy to permanently attach via welding.

MFI M4 Style Fake Silencer with weld on extension for 10.5 inch AR15 Upper

MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer with weld on extension for 10.5 inch AR15 Upper


If you are hiding some of your barrel you will need to measure your EXPOSED Barrel Length (do NOT include any threads or flash suppressor length in the measurement). Exposed barrel is the area available to be hidden by sliding something over it in this case the outer body of the fake silencer.

On weapons like AR15s & SIG 556s the gas blocks will mark the point where to begin measuring from. Your end point is where you normally would find a Peel or Crush Washer, again do NOT include any washer, thread or flash suppressor area in the EXPOSED area measurement.

Flash Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes MUST always be removed no matter what.

Front sights on bolt action rifles or on semi-autos like M1 carbine or the M1A / M14 need to be removed in order have any exposed barrel.

MFI SOCOM Fake Silencer on AR-15 / M16 / M4A1 with 16 barrel

The above photo shows a M4A1 / AR 15 with the SOCOM Barrel Shroud / Fake Silencer. This is a fade showing the SOCOM Outer Body slid over the existing barrel. You will see that without the adapter the fake silencer will NOT stay on.

First of all determine how much of the barrel that you want to hide and how much barrel you have available to hide.

If you have 6.15" of exposed barrel & you want to hide ALL of your barrel then you will need a 1.5" long adapter.

The math is simple… The total length of the SOCOM Universal Fake Silencer is 7.650" long. So the combined length of the area of the Exposed Barrel that you want to hide & the Adapter must equal 7.650".

The reverse is also true… If you have only 5" of exposed barrel you can NOT use a 0.70", 1.5" or 2.25" long adapters as they will be too short. The end of the adapter MUST always be flush with the end of the exit hole of the Fake Silencer's Outer Body.

Conversely if you use a M4M Full Length adapter (which is 6.325" long") in conjunction with the SOCOM outer body you will cover ALL of the M4's adapter and 1.32" of the barrel.

So get your weapon and a ruler out BEFORE you place your order.

MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer hiding 4.5 inches of barrel on AR15 Upper with 1.5 inch adapter

The above photo illustrates the simple math you need to use to get the exact look that you want.

In the case of the above... If you wanted to hide more of the barrel you could do that by going with a SHORTER adapter. If you want to hide LESS of the barrel you would go with a LONGER adapter.

The adapters MUST be FLUSH with the Front End of the Fake Silencer's Outer Body.
MFI M4 Style Fake Silencer adapters MUST be FLUSH with front of the fake silencer.

  1. Adapter or Barrel too short. WRONG! / INCORRECT FIT!
  2. Adapter or Barrel too long. WRONG! / INCORRECT FIT!
  3. Adapter or Barrel Flush / Even. CORRECT FIT!


Custom Adapters are available at an additional cost (Click on the "Adapters" option above) Custom Adapters are 2nd on the list. A Custom Adapter is any adapter that does NOT appear in the adapter options list. You must specify the exact total length and thread pattern (including pitch / tpi) when ordering. You will write this information in the "Order Section" of the shopping cart, just below the "Payment Information" where it says "Special Request / Custom Orders".

All adapters will have an outer diameter of 0.745" and the Maximum length of an adapter is 7.650" long.

Here is a list of the available threads that we have taps for.

US / American Threads Per Inch (TPI):

  • 1/2 X 36 Right Hand (9mm - AR15 / M16).
  • 9/16 X 24 Right Hand (FN FAL Inch Pattern / MP5 / M1 Carbine / ).
  • 9/16 X 24 Left Hand (FN FAL Metric Pattern / FN F2000 / FN M240 / FN M249 / MAG 58 ).
  • 5/8 X 24 Right Hand (AR10).
  • 0.575 X 40 TPI Right Hand (Glock 40 & 45 Cal. Barrels from FAC / Guns & Stuff).
  • 0.578 X 24 TPI Right Hand.
  • 0.578 X 28 TPI Right Hand (Glock 21 & 30 Lone Wolf Barrel 45 ACP, SIG P220 Combat Tactical 40 & 45 Cal.).
  • 0.595 X 32 TPI Right Hand (Springfield M1A, M-14, Fulton Armory M14).

Metric Threads Decimal ( Pitch ):

  • 8mm X 0.75 Pitch Right Hand. (Colt / Umarex USA AR15 in .22 cal. L.R.)
  • 13mm X 1.0 Pitch Right Hand.
  • 13mm X 1.0 Pitch Left Hand (Steyr AUG & Microtech MSAR STG556).
  • 13.5mm X 1.0 Pitch Left Hand (HK USP 9mm SD / Tactical & SIG Sauer P226-R / Tactical).
  • 14mm X 1.0 Pitch Right Hand.
  • 14mm X 1.0 Pitch Left Hand (AK47 / AK-47).
  • 14.5mm X 1.0 Pitch Left Hand (HK USP Tactical .40 Cal.).
  • 15mm X 1.0 Pitch Right Hand (G3 / HK 91 / G33-55 / HK-93).
  • 16mm X 1.0 Pitch Right Hand (HK SOCOM Mk. 23).
  • 16mm X 1.0 Pitch Left Hand (HK USP Tactical .45 ACP).

If you do not see the thread you need on the list above just contact us for a quote for a Special Thread.

We may already have it, but forgot to list it here.


This item is NOT RESTRICTED FOR DOMESTIC US SALES in any way and we offer DOMESTIC USA shipping to ANYONE. We ship to all 50 US States as well as all US Territories i.e. Guam & Puerto Rico. Sorry we can NOT ship to ANY APO address regardless of actual location.

This item is 100% RESTRICTED FOR EXPORT OUTSIDE THE USA. The US Department of State regulates / restricts this product and it is NOT EXPORTABLE outside the USA even to LE, Governments or Military without State Department approval.

This approval is AVAILABLE through MFI as we are an ITAR / Dept. of State Registrant with the Directorate of Defense and Trade Controls Office. We can obtain a US State Dept. Export License for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this issue.

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 1.0 lbs.
  • SHIPPING IS INCLUDED VIA USPS on orders over $82.00 Dollars / If S&H is INCLUDED in the Title / Discription.

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Holy Crap!!!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Mark05/01/2012 05:33PM

Product ownership: Less than 3 months

Purchased from: MFIAP.COM

I bought this and HOLY CRAP it looks just like my $1600.00 real one... obvioulsy impossible to convert to a real one... Went on in less than a minute and made my FN FAL look so much cooler!!!

THX again for a truely quality product!! Worth every penny!!!

Really Amazing
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: David01/12/2021 05:51AM

Product ownership: Less than 1 week

Purchased from: MFIAP.COM

I am not only amazed by just how real this looks but also by how real it feels. This product is very well made out of very high quality materials. I was so honestly impressed by the overall quality that I bought another MFI fake can (M4 Style "Blank") a week later for another AR just for a different look. I had a couple questions prior to ordering this item and I got a call back quickly and had my questions answered right away. Great customer service from MFI! I rarely give "glowing" reviews but I can say that this company knows how to make a great product and has awesome customer service! Highly recommended, you will NOT be disappointed!

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