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Blitz Mag 7 Steel Bodied Quad Stacked .223 / 5.56 AR-15 High Capacity / HiCap / Hi-Cap 50 Round Magazine

Designed specifically to fit any standard AR15 magazine well.



Blitz Mag 7 Steel Bodied Quad Stacked .223 / 5.56 AR-15 High Capacity / HiCap / Hi-Cap 50 Round Magazine

NOTE: This product is NOT an MFI item and is just advertising space for Blitz-Mag 7. I have no relationship to this company nor do I sell or inventory this item. I list it here only as I have used and believe in this product and think that is well worth owning. Unlike other hi-capacity feeding devices this one is streamline and actually functions flawlessly. Especially when it is 100% made in the USA!

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Phone: 636-393-4032 (CST)

Designed specifically to fit any standard AR15 magazine well.

The Blitz mag was designed and manufactured with the end user considered. It must be reliable in function and have the asset of easy service and maintenance. So far, in testing the magazine has worked with weapons using the standard NATO spec 5.56 magazine. This includes the M16A2, AR15 and clones, M16M4, HK416 series, FN SCAR 16, the FN249, IWI Tavor and Negiv as well as the British L85-A2. (Note: the mag in a 249 may have issues do the bolt carrier cut or manufacturer.)

The magazine body is made of steel for durability and long life. It is assembled on a robotic tig welder. The finish is Black Teflon® or burnt Earth Teflon®. The follower is injected molded using Delrin(R). The Delron® material is specific to the follower. The material was designed to be of high lubricity and low drag. As a result, there is no need for lubricants, liquid, or powder. It resists collecting dirt. The Delrin® material will work in a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions without expansion or shrinkage of the follower parts.

All parts are keyed for assembly and the prevention of loss of small parts. To clean, simply dissemble and wipe down the inside of the magazine body and the follower parts with a dry cloth. The magazine body has for claws which hold the floor plate in place. These claws also act as a retainer to help keep the spring from popping out during maintenance.

At Blitz Mag 7, we carry a unique magazine which was designed and made in the United States. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, they are extremely durable. Every item is made with care with and attention to detail.

In February 2013 we were granted a US Patent for a new type of high capacity magazine for the M16 rifle and other weapons using the M16 and AR15 type of magazines. This magazine has several unique features. The mag body is currently made from steel, not aluminum or plastic. The anti-tilt follower rides on rails similar to a train or elevator which minimizes the chance for canting or jamming. A set of swing arms guide and cradle the ammunition through the magazine transitions.

The mag is forward / backward compatable in that it can use stripper clips and guides, most mag loaders and fits different versions of the M16 (AR15) family. The mag also fits the M249, the HK 416, the British L85, the Beretta 106 and some of the FN rifles like the Scar which use the standard M16 style magazine. The magazine can also be special ordered for the AR18 family of rifles. All this in a 50 round magazine which fits approximate footprint of the standard 30 round M16 magazine.

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NOTE: Delrin is a registered trademark of Dupont and Teflon is a registered trademark of 3M.

Here are a few videos that demonstrate the mag:

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