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  1. How do you secure my personal payment information?

Q: How do you secure my personal payment information?

E-Commerce Security: All on-line orders are done via a secure server which follows all standard credit card processing security protocol. These security measures are required by all major credit card companies. E-Commerce orders transmitted to MFI do NOT have your credit card number, expire date or CVC code. We only get your name, address, products ordered and confirmation that payment was made.

Phone Orders: MFI follows all proscribed high security protocols required by our Merchant Card Provider. All credit card numbers, expire date and CVC codes from hand written orders are destroyed (shredded then burned) immediately after the payment is confirmed. We do NOT retain any card data that could be stolen or lost. All processing is done via the same secure server as an e-commerce order and is 100% encrypted during transmission.

Data Base & E-Mail List: As 60% of our customers are Military or Law Enforcement (DHS, FBI, Secret Service, etc) we NEVER sell, loan, trade, or give away any customer information, especially e-mail addresses. I personally HATE spam and scams and would NEVER subject our customers to that type of violation of our trust.

Special Offers: We do however use the e-mail list to send customers Coupons & Special Offers as a thanks for their patronage. In order to get on this list the customer must check the box during the cart check out process. Our customers have complete control over subscription or un-subscription.

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