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MFIAP - Services

MFI Offers Product (hard goods) as well as Services. Here is a list of what we offer:

  • Laser Engraving: We have a 120 Watt CO2 Laser Engraving, which can precision cut plastic, Lexan, Paper, foam and wood. We use this same laser to engrave / burn the anodizing off our fake silencers to make the "NAVY SEAL" logo. This type of laser does NOT cut into the metal. It is perfect for engraving logos or designs onto any anodized aluminum product like AR15 uppers or SIG 556 Lowers. It can also engrave / remove black oxide from steel parts. Again it does NOT cut into the metal so it can NOT be used for engraving serial numbers into receivers to BATF specs. It can also cut / etch into glass and some stone.
  • Threading: Custom Thread on our adapters as well as non-MFI flash suppressors.
  • ITAR / Export: US DOS ITAR export of restricted items outside the USA. $250.00 per DSP-5. No added cost for MFI product in the order. Flat Rate of 10% of total value of Non-MFI product being shipped or negotiable or minimum of $300.00 fee.
  • ITAR / Export Small Package Service: US DOS ITAR export of restricted items outside the USA. $50.00 per shipment. To qualify the wholesale value must be less than $100.00. Firearms, Magazines & Receivers are NOT allowed in this service.
  • Terms of Services Rendered: MFI reserves the right to REFUSE service for any reason. This includes canceling orders that have been placed without prior notice or approval from the customer.

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