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MFI SIG 552 Style Hand Guard for SIG USA 556 & 522 Weapons.

Designed specifically to fit the SIG 556 & SIG 522 Series Rifles & Pistols.


Not Available
Availability: These are the last we will ever make. Not to be made again. Sorry...
Pricing: $250.00
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All NFA Rules Apply. This page is ONLY for the MFI SIG 552 Style Hand Guard. You may also purchase the Retaining Ring (REQUIRED TO FIT CORRECTLY) and 552 Style Flash Suppressor (sold separately or as a set with a discount price) by clicking on the "OPTIONS" tab above.

This Hand Guard REQUIRES a retaining ring. This Hand Guard is 7.25" long and will NOT replace the 551 / 11.5" long standard 556 carbine hand guard.

Fits the following SIG Style Rifles & Pistols:

  • SIG 556 Patrol Rifle
  • SIG 556 SWAT Patrol Rifle
  • SIG 556 Pistol
  • SIG 522 Classic Pistol
  • SIG 551-A1 SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)
  • SIG 522 SBR
  • SIG 556 SBR

History / RND of the MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard & Retaining Ring.

After hearing from many customers who insisted on the 552 Style Hand Guard with the holes and bipod leg cut outs as found on the original SIG SAN 552 SMG, we dumped our previous idea which was a blend of 551 & 552 styles.

What you see here is what we are doing. We will NOT be making a Hand Guard Retaining Ring that will work in conjunction with a cut down 551 hand guard.

Applications / What Works & What Does Not:

  1. You CAN use our MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard Retaining Ring with MFI 556P/2 Hand Guards.
  2. You CAN use our MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard Retaining Ring with an original 550 hand guard that has been cut down to the correct SIG 556 Pistol size.
  3. You CAN use our MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard Retaining Ring with an original 552 hand guard on your POST SAMPLE SIG 552 SMG as they will fit better than the originals do.
  4. You CAN use our MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard Retaining Ring & 552 Hand Guards on the SIG 556 Patrol Rifles as the hand guard lengths are the same as the pistols. This also goes for the SIG 522 Pistols.
  5. You can NOT use our MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard Retaining Ring with an original 552 hand guard on a SIG 556 Pistol as the original 552 hand guards are too short.

The Concessions of the manufacturing process:

We are utilizing existing tooling that was abandoned by a previous client. This tooling was abandoned when SIG USA released the vastly different model of the SIG 556P than what they had originally advertised.

We were lucky that this was even available & usable as we had so few requests for this product. New tool / die would have cost in excess of $80,000.00. What I am getting at is that we are constrained / forced to use tooling that is not 100% our design. So in order for the customer to 100% understand what they are getting we have listed the differences below.

Let's remember that the original 552 hand guards were made from the longer SIG 550 hand guards. SIG Switzerland cut the 550 hand guards down to length and then drilled holes in either side. You could also do the same assuming you can find SIG 550 hand guards in the appropriate color.

Deviations from the original:

The material we use has to be PVC instead of Ballistic Nylon (what we normally use.) I am not sure what SIG Switzerland uses but, the PVC that we use is closer in color and texture to the original SIG 550/1/2 than the material used by SIG USA for the 556 hand guards.

While we would have preferred to use the Ballistic Nylon or something similar to the Original Swiss SIG material but, we are constrained to the type of material that the mold was designed to use. Again we did not choose the specifications for this mold as it was up to our client.

The material is slightly thinner than original. Meaning 0.130" instead of 0.160"; which is about the thickness of 2 playing cards.

The outside ribs are not as tall as the original. Meaning at a depth of 0.030 instead of 0.034"; which is hardly noticeable.

Even though all of these are very minor if even noticeable in appearance, we mention them so that there are no surprises. I know how we all hate surprises especially the kind that cost us money, so unlike the current administration we are being as transparent as possible...

On the Original Swiss Hand Guards there is a bracket on the inside of the top hand guard that mates with part of the gas tube. This bracket is not there on the MFI 556/2 Hand Guard as it was not included in the original mold. I believe the original client of this mold felt it was un-necessary and left it out to save on tool making money. He was basically correct as what really keeps the hand guards stable and in place is the fit front to back; which is somewhat sloppy on the originals. Also the cut out on the top of the hand guard for the SIG Scope mount dove tail aids in the stability which is an exact copy of the original.

Heat Resistant:

I have tested these on a SIG 556P converted to full auto. As fast as I could / one right after another without stopping, I ran 6 - 30 round magazines through the weapon. The hand guard plastic did NOT get hot... it did get warm where my hand grips the lower, but not enough to cause me any discomfort or concern. Sorry at $18.00 per mag in ammo cost I did not feel wasting more ammo would change / reveal anything new. So 100% safe for any semi auto but, if you are a total purest and or plan to continuously fire more than 6 magazines in full auto without a break, then you can always just buy the MFI Hand Guard Retaining Ring and hope to find some original 550 hand guards in black and cut them down, drill the holes yourself.

Fit, Finish & Strength:

Inside connecting hooks are also thinner than the original. Meaning they are 0.098" instead of 0.155". They appear to be as strong as the originals. Ours is far superior in terms of brakeage to the SIG USA 556 hand guard material which is brittle in comparison to the PVC or the original 550/1/2 hand guards. In fact I have never seen a broken tab from an original 550, 551 or 552 hand guard or even one for sale cheap because of this. I have had about 30% of all the SIG USA 556 Hand Guards break off at least one tab or crack in the front on personal weapons though. I have tried to twist off / break off the tabs on our hand guard. They are very resilient to say the least & I have no concerns about these.

The PVC material is ever so slightly smoother than original Swiss SIG grips. Again hardly noticeable.

The fit is far superior to originals as ours is much tighter fit front to back and the Hand Guard Retaining Ring has a wider lip / deeper groove to keep the front from slipping out.

The holes in the MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard are absolutely round and straight in line. As the original SIG 552 Hand Guards were done by hand and with a hand drill, they are not always symmetrical and the holes tend to be oval shaped given the curvature of the hand guard. We overcome this by burning the holes out with a laser. Yes, this is far more costly than doing them by hand but, the end result is a far cleaner and rounder hole.

History of the SIG 552 Weapons Platform:

As many of you know by now... The SIG 556 Pistol hand guards are longer than the SIG 552 hand guards, so even if someone was able to get a 552 hand guard and the retaining ring they would NOT fit the SIG 556P.

Additionally all you SIG 552 fans need to be aware that the reason why SIG USA did this is because if you shorten the Gas / Recoil Spring System any more than what is on the SIG 556 Pistol you then have to use the original SIG 552 Bolt & Bolt Carrier, Cocking Handle, and Entire Recoil System; which is completely different from the SIG 550/1 and the SIG 556 systems. Basically when they made the 552 the front spring that pulled the bolt forward into battery could not be made strong enough to fully lock up the weapon. They then changed the bolt carrier to accommodate an additional spring system behind the blot that pushed the bolt forward similar to an AK47.

The SIG 552 was not expected to be a huge success and SIG Switzerland did not want to invest money in new hand guard tooling for specific hand guards like the 550 or 551 with the reduction area in the front to fit into the gas block for the 552 SMG. So they made a hand guard retaining ring that allowed them to cut down the SIG 550 hand guards to a size that would fit the SIG 552. As they lost all the heat venting slots (rectangles that you see on the 550 [ 5 of them ] or on the 551 [ 3 of them ] with the exception of the very back end of the first one in the hand guard, they then drilled 5 holes on either side through the plastic. No these holes were NOT molded into the plastic... that is why when you look at an original 552 hand guard the holes are sometimes not aligned with each other from one side to the other. This is why when you compare 550 and 552 hand guards they are a perfect match in the rear area including the lower grooves for the bipod legs when folded. It was a cost savings issue. This is why it was second nature for SIG USA to cut down 556 hand guards and make a retaining ring to make the 556 Pistol.

Remember they could not cut it down to the size of the original 552 because of the recoil spring tension issue. So they could not use exiting 552 parts and they did not want to buy 550 hand guards from Switzerland for ($285.00) and a 552 retaining ring (priceless) and then cut the 550 HG down to size, then drill holes in it; like the 552 has... the end result being way over budget and still not looking 100% correct.

The above is why we are doing it the way that we are. We cannot afford, or should I say that you the customer would not pay for the cost of the tooling for new hand guards which would make each one at least $275.00. So we opted for the next best method. I am sorry but, unless you want to do a full blown SIG 552, meaning you will need to buy an original SIG 552 parts set @ $3500.00+ then this is the next best thing.

We strive to provide a product that will not disappoint.


  • 100% Made In the USA.

  • Impact Resistant / Heat Resistant Polymer. (Hand Guard) (Black Color Only)

  • Weapons Grade Steel / Parkerized Mil. Spec. Deep SIG SAN Gray (Retaining Ring)

  • Cost Effective: Highest Quality at the lowest price is always our goal. We achieve this by making these in high volume. This equates to greater profits for distributors and re-sellers. Nothing else on the market compares in versatility, quality and cost effectiveness.

  • As close a copy of the original: We spared no expense to get these absolutely correct.

  • The MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guard also allows use of the original SIG SAN 552 Lower! Hand guard allows SIG 550/1/2 SAN Stock to fully lock up in closed position.


Installation does require that you remove the Gas Block / Front Sight off your SIG 556P. You can NOT use the MFI SIG 556P/2 Hand Guards with the existing 556P hand guard retaining ring as it will be loose and look incorrect.

I would NOT even offer these parts if I did not feel that 98% of you SIG 556 owners could do this.

Installation is very straight forward and easy. We have detailed instructions available for you to look over before you purchase these parts.

Click here to download (2.2 meg pdf file) MFI Mounting Instructions for the SIG 556/2P Hand Guard & Retaining Ring

All NFA Rules Apply.


This item is NOT RESTRICTED FOR DOMESTIC US SALES in any way and we offer DOMESTIC USA shipping to ANYONE. We ship to all 50 US States as well as all US Territories i.e. Guam & Puerto Rico. Sorry we can NOT ship to ANY APO address regardless of actual location.

This item is 100% RESTRICTED FOR EXPORT OUTSIDE THE USA. The US Department of State regulates / restricts this product and it is NOT EXPORTABLE outside the USA even to LE, Governments or Military without State Department approval.

This approval is AVAILABLE through MFI as we are an ITAR / Dept. of State Registrant with the Directorate of Defense and Trade Controls Office. We can obtain a US State Dept. Export License for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this issue.


  • SIG-556P-HG
  • SIG-556P-HG
  • MFI
  • These are the last we will ever make. Not to be made again. Sorry...
  • New

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Customer Reviews

Comment Total Reviews (4)

SIG 552 Style Hand Guards for my SIG 556 Pistol.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 3 months

Purchased from: MFIAP.COM

Quality is exactly as stated and the fit was perfect. I also bought the retaining ring which really makes the whole look of the original SIG SANs 552 SMG. Instillation was a snap as well... Instructions were dead on and far easier than I thought. Hammer and a punch was all I needed.

I am becoming a real believer in this company. I know they are super small, but what an attention to detail. Maybe SIG USA should hire whomever is behind this place.

Super value!!!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 3 months

Purchased from: MFIAP.COM

I bought the whole set, Hand Guard, Retaining Ring and Flash Suppressor. Unbeleivablly fast & FREE delivery (2 days), high quality and very easy instuctions for installing. The Retaining Ring and Flash Suppressor were as good if not better than the originals (I bought a 552 SIG Sans kit)where as the hand guard was (as discribed) a little thinner than the original, but still worked, looked and fit great. You have to be careful of the tabs on the HG of the original as they can get broken if you mis-align, same goes for the MFI HG, but all in all really GREAT stuff.

Hats off to all at MFI!!

Many Thanks....


Fits 100%
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 3 months

Purchased from: MFIAP.COM

Great Product and really helps complete my 552 look...

Thanks MFI

They do fit and the only non cutdown option for a 556 swat patrol
  • Currently 3/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: A year or longer

Purchased from: MFIAP.COM

The good... they fit with the associated ring. They are tight on the forearm and don’t rattle. They won’t melt and actually never get hot during a mag dump.

The bad... the tabs are going to break, unless you don’t shoot the rifle. Shooting will break one or two of the tabs on one side or the other. You’ll know when the telling gap between the handguards near the receiver happens. They are just too thin and not reinforced to handle the recoil. The Sig rifles are a bit violent on cycling. Just look at the brass. However... even with a couple broken tabs the handguard is still secure ( thank the excellent forearm ring and the anchor to the lower). I wouldn’t rely on it in combat but for the range it should hold.

The finish is quite un-Sig like and shiny but that is just the material. Color wise it’s a fine black match. As far as the stock nub, I haven’t tested it with the folding stock because the Sig latch on the stock is quite tight and I’m not sure this handguard can take the snap required to fix the stock to the handguard. My original aluminum SWAT rail nub came loose from the tight stock latch so what chance does a PVC nub have?

Hopefully if they are made again the tabs will be thicker or reinforced with some stamped metal and perhaps some texture on the finish close to the Sig stock.

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