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HALO™ Military Style Glow In The Dark Tape (Luminous / Phosphorescent) Tape. X 50 SHEETS and S&H via Priority Mail is included

Be Safe & Be Seen in Total Darkness.


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HALO™ Military Style Glow In The Dark Tape is a brighter (glow) material than what you see being used on the Helmet Bands of all US front line troops, the two small rectangles known as "Cat's Eyes" help prevent friendly fire accidents.

We sheet size we supply is 4" X 6" Sheets ( actual 3.90" [99mm] X 5.710" [145mm] ). The sheets are easy to die cut into whatever shape you need or use multiple sheets to build important phrases like: "DO NOT SHOOT ME!" or "USA" that you can stick to the top of your vehicle or use to more covertly make a landing zone.

Because it GLOWS IN THE DARK it is able to be seen by the naked eye as close as perhaps 100 meters. When viewed with any Night Vision a single 4" X 6" sheet becomes a BEACON of SAFETY which can be seen from aircraft on attack approach up to 3/4 a mile. Obviously the larger amount of the Glow Material you use the easier it will be to be seen at a greater distance.

The above photo gives you an idea of the brightness we are talking about. We have placed a cell phone on top of the Glow Sheet to demonstrate how bright this product is. In fact the only thing brighter then the glow sheet is the cell phone text window. The glow sheet even lights up the wall behind the phone. Even after 45+ minutes you can still use the glow sheet to read a map or a newspaper.

You have seen other glow in the dark materials like: plastic bugs and Halloween paint that only glow for about 5 minutes, then turn dark and need to be recharged.

Well hold on to your hats… HALO™ MILITARY STYLE GLOW IN THE DARK TAPE is 50 times brighter than the competition and lasts up to 10 hours.

Light Yellowish Green in color HALO™ Military Style Glow Tape keeps its maximum luminescence for about 30 minutes. It then loses about 40% of its brightness and remains at that level for up to 10 hours. When light is present it automatically recharges in a matter of minutes.

The adhesive backing is specially formulated to have a high tack rate so it stays on but, a low adhesion rate, which means it is removable for up to 6 months without leaving a hard to clear off sticky residue. Our Glow Tape has a mild application of UV protection. Intensity or the sun light and extreme temperatures can limit the life span of this product. General life expectancy of this product in direct sun light is 5-6 years.

Perfect for lots of other uses like: Halloween, Kids Rooms (Stars on the ceiling), Motorcycle Helmets, Luggage Identification Marking, Bicycles, etc.

HALO™ Military Style Glow Tape is a perfect complement to MFI's Highly Visibility Reflective HALO™ TAPE. As you might imagine not all hazards (like pedestrians) have a light / power source that would illuminate our retro-reflective products so an added safety measure of a self-powered glow in the dark material is highly desirable.

SPECIAL NOTE ON GLINT TAPES USE BY THE MILITARY: There a number of different types of "Glint Tapes" with varying degrees of reflective quality. HALO™ Glow Tape is NOT "GLINT TAPE", but it can act as a second level of safety / quick identification against fratricide / friendly fire accidents. Glow tape works 100% differently than HALO™ Tape / High Visibility Glint Tape as it has very little reflective quality.

HALO™ Military Style Glow Tape emits its own light as it is PHOTOLUMINESCENCE.

The National Stock Number for the 4" X 6" Glow Tape is: NSN 9390-20-002-9693

Available in Sheet Form 4" X 6" ( actual 3.90" [99mm] X 5.710" [145mm] ) in Light Yellowish Green ONLY.

Thickness is 0.018" (0.48mm)


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