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Export to France Nicolas CESILLA / MFI SIG 556 / 55X / 551A1 Bipod Adapter (ONLY) for use with Versa-Pod Bipod @ $55.00 + USPS Priority International option at $46.50 = 101.50 (This will ship with the other one ordered)

MFI SIG 556 / 550/1/2/3 & 551-A1 Versa-Pod Bipod Adapter for sale.


Availability: IN STOCK
Pricing: $101.50
SHIPPING IS INCLUDED VIA USPS on orders over $82.00 Dollars AND OR If S&H is INCLUDED in the Title / Discription.


MFI Bipod Adapter (1) ONLY to be able to attach a Versa-Pod Bipod to the USA SIG 556 (all models) & SIG 522 (all models with Bayonet Hole in Gas Block)as well as all models of the Swiss SIG SANs 550, 551, 552 & 553.

Pictured above in our gallery of extra photos is the original PROTOTYPE Adapter which is uncoated. The production version is all black. Also pictured above you will see original images from the SIG 551 SWAT brochure that dates from perhaps 1980.

An original SIG 551 Versa Pod Bipod Adapter if you can find one is about $89.00 + $32.00 for shipping for the EC...

As these are so hard to come by we have copied the original SIG Bipod Adapter to be as close as possible to the original. We have deviated from the original in only one regard... Ours is a hair shorter than the original. We did this to reduce the profile and as the added length was not needed. Our length accommodates all models of the SIG 556 and SIG SANS 55X gas blocks so that the bipod does NOT hit the gas block or barrel at any point.

The MFI SIG 556 Bipod Adapter will work with ANY Versa-Pod Bipod.

The Versa-Pod Bipod we are selling in this set is the same model SIG bought 30+ years ago. The only difference is the feet. Versa-Pod no longer makes the round flat feet so we went with the Ski Style Feet as they perform better in sand and loose rock than the rubber round feet.


  • 100% Made In the USA.
  • This Adapter is made of Weapons Grade Steel.
  • Mil. Spec. Black Oxide.
  • Weight: 1.4 oz. / Super Light Weight!
  • Use with ANY Versa-Pod Bipod.
  • Mounts in Bayonet Hole in Gas Block.
  • Includes Roll Pin.
  • Carries MFI Lifetime Warranty.

  • Fits All SIG 556 & 522 Style Rifles & Pistols:

    • SIG 556 Standard Rifle
    • SIG 556 Patrol Rifle
    • SIG 556 SWAT Rifle
    • SIG 556 Pistol
    • SIG 556 Classic Rifle
    • SIG 556-R / SIG556R / SIG 556 R Rifle in 7.62 X 39
    • SIG 522 Standard Rifle
    • SIG 522 Pistol
    • SIG 553 Pistol / SBR
    • CDNN SIG 551A1 Rifle
    • West Coast Armory SIG 551 Rifle

    SPECIAL NOTE: SIG 556 Rifles & 556 Pistols with Quad Rail Hand Guards that use this same hole / socket as a hanger point will NOT be able to mount this product, unless you hand file or grind down the rear of the lug to allow the RIS Hand Guard mounting stud to fit into the same hole at the same time as the lug. This is possible, but requires hand fitting.

    No FFL needed, No Special License, No Permit Required & No Special Tax Stamp needed to order.


    In accordance with the Joe Biden & Beto O’Rourke directive I personally as well my company no longer own(s) or possess any firearms or ammunition. This includes but is not limited to: Handguns, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, NFA items, Hog Legs, Fire Sticks, Smoke Poles and or Thunder Clubs.

    All firearms that appear on our web site, regardless of what is written about them, are not owned by the company nor possessed by anyone associated with MFI and may even be CGI / PhotoShop.

    Therefore regardless of any new firearms laws / taxes, no probable cause can EVER be assumed on any property (stationary or mobile) owed by myself or MFI.

    AGAIN: We are 100% in compliance with any possible new “Biden / O’Rourke Public Safety Act” and therefore NO PROBABLE CAUSE could ever be assumed.

    Lastly anyone arriving with a warrant of any kind will be assumed to be an IMPOSTER with intent on murdering us and will be treated as such without warning.

    Those invading our territory may receive serious and even fatal wounds from rusty blades, clubs with bent nails, spear tips, arrows and or crossbow bolts.

  • Installing

    How to install the roll pin in the Bayonet Lug or Front Sight.

    It is easy to mess up the roll pin when you first try to install it. Read below to avoid the pitfalls. There is a first time for everything and that is a part of any weapons system.

    When SIG installs these at the factory they have a special fixture or a second person to hold the weapon. While a fixture or third person is NOT required it sure makes it a lot easier. All you need is someone to hold the weapon while you hold the punch and hammer.

    It is a lot easier to file or grind down the roll pin at one end and then gently collapse the same end with a vice grips of pliers so that it just fits / sits in the hole. This will free up one hand. This is almost a requirement.

    While the photo below shows the roll pin in the front sight the principle is the same for the bayonet lug. For the Bayonet Lug you will want to level and back the lug's mounting point with a block of wood. Roll pins are designed to be hard to drive in and it will require significant force with a hammer and punch.

    Lubing the roll pin and hole will help getting this done faster.

    Be sure to look through the hole to guaranty the alignment.

    Good luck...

    These roll pins are specially made for us so, if you mess up the roll pin you can buy a spare from us on this page:




    This item is NOT RESTRICTED FOR DOMESTIC US SALES in any way and we offer DOMESTIC USA shipping to ANYONE. We ship to all 50 US States as well as all US Territories i.e. Guam & Puerto Rico. Sorry we can NOT ship to ANY APO address regardless of actual location.

    This item is 100% RESTRICTED FOR EXPORT OUTSIDE THE USA. The US Department of State regulates / restricts this product and it is NOT EXPORTABLE outside the USA even to LE, Governments or Military without State Department approval.

    This approval is AVAILABLE through MFI as we are an ITAR / Dept. of State Registrant with the Directorate of Defense and Trade Controls Office. We can obtain a US State Dept. Export License for you.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this issue.

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    • SHIPPING IS INCLUDED VIA USPS on orders over $82.00 Dollars AND OR If S&H is INCLUDED in the Title / Discription.

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    Share Export to France Nicolas CESILLA / MFI SIG 556 / 55X / 551A1 Bipod Adapter (ONLY) for use with Versa-Pod Bipod @ $55.00 + USPS Priority International option at $46.50 = 101.50 (This will ship with the other one ordered) on Facebook

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